1. Is it safe to use NDP derma pen at home?
--Yes, because the needle is very short (0.1mm-0.5mm), it only make nano channels on epidermis, so, it is painless and bloodless.

2. How often should I use this nano chip?
0.1-0.15mm: daily
0.2-0.25mm: 2-3 times/week
0.3-0.5mm:1-2 times/week

3. Why we need NDP pen?
a. It make you more beautiful, because the function of the skin care product you used will be really work.
b. It will save money, the same treatment in the Spa will cost more than 30-50$/time, but the nano chip is only around $1.5-$3/pc.
c. It will save your time, you do not need to take time to go to spa, and you can just do it at home.